Imagine Sherwood’s Future

Let’s create the best new neighborhood in Oregon around the best new high school in Oregon.  

With the 74-acre Sherwood High School campus complete, the city of Sherwood now has the opportunity to envision, plan and gradually build residential neighborhoods around the new school, with housing choices for families of all ages, parks, and trails — all walkable to nearby local retail amenities. 

Welcome to the future of Sherwood West.

What’s Your Vision?

City leaders have already spent several years and substantial public dollars planning the future of the Sherwood West area. A new citizen advisory committee is meeting now to provide further input. Soon, the city council will need to act. But before they do, we want to hear what’s on your mind.

What Sherwood Voters Think:

In February 2021, we asked Sherwood voters their opinions about the future of the city and what to do with the vacant land around the new high school.

Prioritize Residential Neighborhoods

64% prefer residential neighborhoods over commercial and office development

Tax Revenue for Schools

65% believe Sherwood West will boost funding for local schools and services

Homes Around Sherwood High

65% prefer homes and parks, not businesses, built around the new high school

Hwy 99 Pedestrian Bridge

54% support a safer crossing at the high school for students and residents

Begin Planning Now

60% want planning to start now to build Sherwood West neighborhoods over the next 15-20 years

City Council Should Move Forward

54% believe the city should decide this year the future of Sherwood West

Click here to read the full survey of questions and responses. 

Stay Informed, Stay in Touch

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine a future where Sherwood High School is no longer isolated and alone.

Instead, imagine the high school comfortably integrated with new residential neighborhoods. Imagine the campus connected to the YMCA and existing neighborhoods by an iconic pedestrian bridge. And imagine a safer, more welcoming Hwy 99 corridor – bordered by landscaping, sidewalks and bike lanes, pedestrian-scale lighting, and public art.

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A Part of the Community

Our Sherwood Future is a project of Metropolitan Land Group, a locally owned, Beaverton-based planning and real estate company. For more than 20 years, we have been helping communities in Washington County envision, plan, and build high-quality residential communities. We’re proud of our partnerships in Beaverton, Tigard, King City, and Hillsboro among others.


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